Dierenrijk, the Family Zoo

dierenrijk gezin ringstaartmakiIn Dierenrijk, you will meet animals up close all day long. Children will join the animal keepers on their rounds during one of the many activities. In between, they can also enjoy the indoor or outdoor playground. We offer entertainment for the entire family: shows with seals or elephants!


Opening hours

January 1st to March 31st10 am – 5 pm
April 1st to August 31st10 am – 6 pm
September 1st to December 31st10 am – 5 pm

Ticket prices

Children aged 0-2 yearsFree
Day ticket (over 3 years)€ 19,00
Online ticket€ 17,00
Map + park brochure€ 2,00



Tel: 0492-668 240
E-mail: info@dierenrijk.nl

De mooiste tijd beleef je bij Dierenrijk, onderdeel van Libéma